Battle of the Guilford Courthouse

The Battle of the Guilford Courthouse was fought on March 15, 1781.  It was fought at a site known as Greensboro,North Carolina. The British army had 2,100 men with the command of Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis who defeated 4,500 Americans under the command of Major General Nathanael Greene.This battle resulted in a considerable loss of men for the British Army, and it led to the loss of British control of the South. This led to a strategic victory for the Americans later on. The British Army lost lots of their men during the battle with estimates high as 27%, 93 killed, 413 wounded, and 26 missing or captured.  The Americans had 70-79 killed, 185 wounded, and 1,046 missing.


Image result for picture of a map of the battle of the guilford courthouse american revolution


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